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Baile de palabra (Dance of Word) has been dwelling within me for quite some time: in my body and in my mind. But other projects have come along and so, until now, circumstances haven’t allowed me to give it the attention I felt it deserved.

Baile de Palabra – Mercedes Ruiz

I say it was dwelling inside me for quite some time because of all my personal baggage, all that experience has been travelling and maturing with me – in the day-to-day of my art and also my personal development – in the expression of all that I needed and wanted to do until now: dance, dance flamenco in the company of good musicians who I get on with and understand, with whom I can find myself and dance the word.

And dance the dance of word.

All my experience leading up to Dance of Word has shaped my way of understanding the art of flamenco, the art of saying more with less. So for this project, I wanted to strip back the sound to the elements to the guitar and the voice, to dance flamenco as I feel it, delving into its essence via the sensations and emotions that come from music and word.

As throughout my career, I’ll keep trying to develop innovative styles. For me it’s a need: I need to create new choreographies in search of vivid and unknown sensations which challenge me, which allow me to continue to grow and open new questions for my future development.

So just to be clear, and to avoid any confusion, I’m telling everyone who wants to get to know my artistic approach that they’ll see a very personal flamenco show, done in a contemporary style but with respect for tradition, and always chasing new forms of expression.

This chamber performance is everything I’ve been trying to capture and show to you all: my real dance, my “dance of word”.

Mercedes Ruiz

Artistic and Technical Crew:





Libretto – Francisco López

Musical Composition and Direction  – Santiago Lara

Wardrobe- Jesús Ruiz, Fernando Ligero

Choreography- Mercedes Ruiz

Lighting and Stage Direction – Francisco López

Lighting – Pedro Serrano

Sound – José Amosa

Produced by Compañía Mercedes Ruiz

Distribution by Endirecto FT S.L.

In collaboration with INAEM – Ministerio de Cultura – Gobierno de España: